Bashakill in October

Bashakill WMA is in Wurtsboro, Sullivan County New York. We drove there on Sunday October 9th to see the beginning some early Fall color. See: Bashakill Wildlife Management Area – NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

Fahnestock Flora

I love moss and Lichen. There was plenty there to photograph. Autumn leaves and rushing streams too. I was luck to catch a kinglet with a large grub. I didn’t have me long lens so missed photographing the others I saw.

Fahnestock Scenery

A wonderful trip to Fahnsetock State Park with Sierra Photo NYC. I took so many pictures that I liked that it was hard to choose which ones to post.

It was a cloudy day which made photography a challenge. I wanted to capture the gloomy mood and bring out the colors.

Central Park Early October

Autumn is a season that I love and feel strongly.  At last I was able to go outdoors to make these photographs in these 3 galleries. I was laid low for a few weeks. I’m all better now.

St Luke’s Garden

I often visit St Luke’s Garden in Greenwich Village ( It is very small but lovely little oasis. A quiet place where people come to sit, read or stroll through.
When I passed by and saw the beautiful fall berries and flowers I had to go home to get my camera.

Autumn Plants

I have been making photographs since our return to NYC in September and part of October, 2015. These were made at three locations: The Hudson River Greenway, The High Line, and Central Park, New York City. I enhanced the autumnal colors and shading in Lightroom and Photoshop. Softening or graying the greens and darkening the background puts the focus on the flowers and reds.