Strange NYBG

Now that it is Spring we will be going outdoors more. Here are a few edited photographs from our trip to the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx on Members Day Sunday, April 10, 2022.

Nature as Sanctuary

SierraPhoto NYC Exhibit: Nature as Sanctuary

“We are thrilled about our exhibit in the Gallery Undercroft at Church of the Heavenly Rest, 5th Avenue at 90th St. in Manhattan. Our theme is Nature as Sanctuary; photographers show images of special places they have chosen as sanctuaries, places of refuge and peace found in natural environments that inspire a renewal of spirit.

The exhibit runs from Saturday, March 26 from 12:00pm – 5:00pm to Sunday, May 8. Please join us and invite your friends and family to appreciate the amazing talents of our members. For further information:”

I am in this show after a long two years wait due to Covid. These are the two I am showing:

Poppy (Papavaracea), Wave Hill, NY 6/15/2016 Bronx, New York City. 20″ x 20″

Poppies, like us, are immigrants. This poppy found a protective home. Nature fights to exist here. Making the green grayer adds an industrial look. The sculptural form of the seed pod mimics modern design.

Plant, Central Park, New York City 8/11/2017. 20″ x 20″

Hiding in a corner of the park I found this tiny plant. Using color selectively makes the center the focus of this plant. An urban plant in tones of gray. I knew how I would process this image to create a mood of isolation as I photographed it.

They are for sale for $400 each. A percentage of the proceeds go to the church and to SPNYC. If you live near NYC, I hope you check it out.

Jamaica Bay Enhanced

I had fun editing these images. I knew I wanted to create lots of atmosphere and a dark mood when I photographed these. The Snow Geese will be leaving soon. Read-winged Blackbirds are singing away as are the Song Sparrows. Ospreys are building their nests. And I saw 5 Black-bellied Plovers at Floyd Bennett Field.

Lightroom and mostly Photoshop in Windows 11 keeps randomly freezing. I wonder if anyone else is having trouble with it. I pushed Photoshop hard to make it freeze while I made these. I have a new super fast computer, an Alienware Aurora R213. Dell replaced the graphics card. Microsoft had me make a new profile. Adobe techs tried everything they could. 20 tech calls later and it is still no good.

Edits to Orchids

I discovered that Photoshop doesn’t work well in my new computer with Windows 11. It keeps hanging. Adobe is working on it. While testing it out I created these edits.

Roosevelt Memorial

Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Memorial on Roosevelt Island, NYC (for details see: Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park – Wikipedia). The trees in the second picture put out roots that go over the path’s border into the lawn to get water.

Renwick Smallpox Hospital

The Renwick Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island was built in 1856 from designs by James Renwick, Jr. It is the only landmarked ruin in New York City. Being a ruin is what gives it an air of mystery and charm.