Nature as Sanctuary

SierraPhoto NYC Exhibit: Nature as Sanctuary

“We are thrilled about our exhibit in the Gallery Undercroft at Church of the Heavenly Rest, 5th Avenue at 90th St. in Manhattan. Our theme is Nature as Sanctuary; photographers show images of special places they have chosen as sanctuaries, places of refuge and peace found in natural environments that inspire a renewal of spirit.

The exhibit runs from Saturday, March 26 from 12:00pm – 5:00pm to Sunday, May 8. Please join us and invite your friends and family to appreciate the amazing talents of our members. For further information:”

I am in this show after a long two years wait due to Covid. These are the two I am showing:

Poppy (Papavaracea), Wave Hill, NY 6/15/2016 Bronx, New York City. 20″ x 20″

Poppies, like us, are immigrants. This poppy found a protective home. Nature fights to exist here. Making the green grayer adds an industrial look. The sculptural form of the seed pod mimics modern design.

Plant, Central Park, New York City 8/11/2017. 20″ x 20″

Hiding in a corner of the park I found this tiny plant. Using color selectively makes the center the focus of this plant. An urban plant in tones of gray. I knew how I would process this image to create a mood of isolation as I photographed it.

They are for sale for $400 each. A percentage of the proceeds go to the church and to SPNYC. If you live near NYC, I hope you check it out.

Jetpack Search

Hi friends and followers. Today I installed a new search engine in my site here called Jetpack.
It will allow the user and I to search for anything or topic that I posted on my site.
Please test it out for me and give me your opinion. To use it type in the search bar at the right. You could type in “birds” or “digital art” as a test.

Raster Sherry

In 1999 I created a presentation for TAMS on digital images back in 1999. I had so much fun with it. I created masks of myself as Raster Sherry and Vicky Vector.

Outline of the presentaton:

  1. Raster and Vector:
    1. Digital images are either Raster or Vector.
    2. Vector to raster OK, but to make vector from raster RtV software is needed.
  2. File Types: Computer graphics come in a variety of files types:
    1. Raster File types: *.BMP, *.tiff, *.GIF, and *.JPEG to name a few.
    2. Vector file types: i.e., *.dxf, *.cdr, *.emf, *.svg and more
  3. Resolution effects output and file size and is measured in dpi, ppi and lpi.
    1. Computer monitors have their resolution and color settings (color depth).
      1. 1366×768 screen resolution with 24-bit color depth is now common.
      2. The output may be very different from the image seen on the computer.
    2. Scaling and resampling interpolation all effect images.
      1. 35 mm photo resolution is 200 dpi
  4. Color models include HSB, RGB and CMYK
    1. Color matching (for color depth see above).
    2. How different devices “see” color.
  5. Scanning and its effect on images.
    1. How a scanner scans.
    2. Histogram for B&W points, brightness and contrast.
    3. Moiré effect when scanning magazines (gaussian blur and unsharp mask).
  6. Printing: The quality of an image is affected by all the above.
    1. Types of Black and white are: laser, inkjet, and dot matrix.
    2. Inkjet or deskjet are color or grayscale.
    3. Dye sublimation prints are photorealistic
    4. Printing Press highest quality.

Digital Images slf is a PDF of the presentation updated today.