Inselteich and Tornower-Niederung

On the day of my birthday Marc and I toured the area around Lubben. We stopped for a mosquito laden picnic in the woods. A highlight for me was being able to get some photographs of Cranes in a field and Red Kites following a tractor in a field.

I wanted a photograph of this lovely mansion with a tower. I was only able to photograph the tower. I was chased off and told no photographs. The owner actually drove out in his car to make us leave. I was not standing in his property.

Near the end of the excursion, I made Marc stop the car. I saw a mushroom by the side of the road that was the size of a football. Wish I had known it was edible, I would have picked it and its companion for dinner.

The next to last photo shows a windfarm in the distance. Germany has loads of wind turbines.


What a place! The follies, caves, grottos, waterways, ferries, bridges, and unique vistas are all superb. We didn’t arrive at Wurlitzer until the afternoon. I could have spent another day there. We had a nice dinner at Worlitzer Hof before driving home.

“The Dessau-Wörlitz Garden Realm, (German: Dessau-Wörlitzer Gartenreich) is a World Heritage Site in Germany, that lies between city of Dessau and the town of Wörlitz in Central Germany. It was designated world heritage in 2000. It is one of the first and largest English parks in Germany and continental Europe. It was created in the late 18th century under the regency of Duke Leopold III of Anhalt-Dessau (1740-1817), returning from a Grand Tour to Italy, the Netherlands, England, France and Switzerland he had undertaken together with his friend architect Friedrich Wilhelm von Erdmannsdorff. Strongly influenced by the ideals of The Enlightenment, they aimed to move on from the formal garden concept of the Baroque era in favor of a naturalistic landscape as they had seen at Stourhead Gardens and Ermenonville. Today the cultural landscape of Dessau-Wörlitz encompasses an area of 142 km2 (55 sq mi) within the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt.” Source: Dessau-Wörlitz Garden Realm – Wikipedia

Dessau Museums

The boys, Marc, and my son Amedeo enjoyed the Technikmuseum. I did too. My dad was a Navy pilot in WWII (My Father’s History – Commander Theodore Hechler, Jr. (US Navy Retired) (

I wanted to see the Bauhaus (Wikipedia) but the timed entry dissuaded me.

The two statues are of Kurt Weill (Wikipedia) and Bertolt Brecht (Wikipedia). I associate them with the famous singer Lotte Lenya (Wikipedia). Play the Moon above Alabama for an example.


We stayed in Dessau (Wikipedia) for two nights with my family while visiting my daughter-in-law’s relatives. In the morning I wake early so we went to the park nearby. I love runs and had fun photographing the ruined buildings we found.

The last two are of my grandson Oscar and his niece at the caffe where we met most of Heike’s family.

Wittenberg Doors

Every town we went to in Germany has great doors. We stayed at Pension Nord (door shown below) for two days in Dessau while visiting Heike’s family. While in Dessau we drove to the historic town of Lutherstadt Wittenberg, which is 35 km or 22 miles from there.

This post is for Thursday Doors November18.

Schlosskirche Wittenberg 2

See the previous post for details. This post is of the exterior of Shclosskirk, Lutherstadt Wittenberg.