HL Flowers

Fall Flowers on the high Line. Post 4 of 4.

HL Bees

The bees are busy still on the asters, mint, and other seasonal flowers. Post 3 of 4.

HL Seeds

High Line Park continued. Post 2 of 4.

HL Landscapes

Had a lovely walk on the High Line late in the morning on Tuesday. It was almost empty. You need a ticket to get on it now. They’ll issue one when you get there or online. It is one direction only, South to North. Post 1 of 4 – more tomorrow.

High Line in November

It was deserted on the High Line today. Everyone was home having Thanksgiving dinner or out shopping and there were almost no tourists. The strong windy made it hard for me to get in a few decent macro shots.

High Line Fall

I think we all love the colors of Autumn. Taken on the High Line Park in New York with my Samsung Note 10+. Marc’s captured (two at the end) his with a Samsung Galaxy 10+. These cell phone cameras keep getting better and better. I shot most of mine in RAW which gives more data in the lights to play with in Lightroom.

Autumn Plants

I have been making photographs since our return to NYC in September and part of October, 2015. These were made at three locations: The Hudson River Greenway, The High Line, and Central Park, New York City. I enhanced the autumnal colors and shading in Lightroom and Photoshop. Softening or graying the greens and darkening the background puts the focus on the flowers and reds.