HL Landscapes

Had a lovely walk on the High Line late in the morning on Tuesday. It was almost empty. You need a ticket to get on it now. They’ll issue one when you get there or online. It is one direction only, South to North. Post 1 of 4 – more tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “HL Landscapes

  1. Khürt Williams 2020-10-11 / 12:19 pm

    I’ve walked my way across The High Line Park several times in the past few years with family and with photo clubs. We had a group field trip planned in April but pandemic lockdown put an end to that.

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  2. Anne 2020-10-10 / 11:57 pm

    What a beautiful place to walk!


  3. Lookoom 2020-10-10 / 9:34 pm

    It’s a good thing that the visit is organised, there were sometimes so many people that it was no longer pleasant, not to mention health safety. Thanks for the update.


    • Sherry Felix 2020-10-11 / 6:43 am

      I know. Tourists used to mob the High Line. They are all gone now. One negative was there were several groups doing of fashion photography without masks. Masks are required.

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  4. shoreacres 2020-10-10 / 7:29 pm

    Since the Highline came into being, I’ve wished I could visit it. Your photos are lovely; the birches are especially appealing. The ones surrounded by the asters are my favorites.


    • Sherry Felix 2020-10-11 / 6:39 am

      I hope you get to see it someday. I like the gray bark and purple asters too. I always like hearing which ones you like best.

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