HL Plants Before and After

Before photographs with minimal processing and after with full editing and processing of winter plants photographed on the High Line Park in New York City. The yellow flowers are Witch-hazel. I just learned from a fellow blogger that there is a before and after slider. It is one of the blocks we can use in WordPress. This gives you and idea of how much I enhance images in Lightroom and Photoshop to make them look how I feel they should.

Move the sliders to see the before (left) and after (right).

Scotney Castle Process

My version of Old Scotney Castle by Ryan Photography for June’s Before and After Challenge.

First, I brought Ryan’s picture into Photoshop and filled in the people and a few branches at the top of the image. Next, I opened the image in OnOne Effects and added an HDR evening metal effect, which I altered to suit. I brought it back into Photoshop and imported a sky. I masked out the original sky to let the new one show through. To tone down some of the color and make it less Disney like I added a black and white filter layer and masked out some of it to let the color show through in places. For fun I imported two eagles, masked them out and placed them in the sky.

Rose – November 1 Photo Focus

My interpretation of the rose still life by Julie Powell was created using Photoshop and onOne. I eliminated the dark triangle in the upper left and cloned out the canvas. I added a bit more cloth using cloning on a new layer and masks. Then I used a photo of mine of roses as an overlay on the cloth. Finally a bit of web.

Created for Stacy Fischer’s November – One Photo Focus

Rose Stil Life. Original by Julie Powell edited by Sherry Felix
Rose Still Life. Original by Julie Powell edited by Sherry Felix

Rose Still Life by Julie Powell
Rose Still Life by Julie Powell

Roses GV, May 29, 2016
Roses, May 29 2016

The Lobby – October 1 Photo Fucus

My version was created using Lightroom to straighten it, cropped it to put the focus on the room, and brought out the details in the shadows a bit. Then I used onOne enhancements and effects, added to layers with different blending modes in Photoshop. I wanted to give Y. Prior’s photo of the lobby of The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia, an old time effect without making it black and white. I added a photograph of my grandmother, Florrie James (ne Kennedy) taken when she was 18 years old, October 1, 1905, in Perth, Australia.

Created for Stacy Fischer’s October – One Photo Focus 

Lobby by Y. Pior edited by Sherry Felix
Lobby by Y. Pior edited by Sherry Felix

Lobby by Y. Prior
Before – Lobby by Y. Prior