Watt Park Sydney

15th posting of photographs of Sydney August, 2015
This is the last in the Sydney series. On August 14 my second cousin Warren took us sightseeing around the north shore of Sydney Bay. We stopped at a gorgeous little shady, romantic park Wendy’s Secret Garden near called Watt Park. The land was restored and landscaped by a Wendy Whiteley;”, local artist, and has some lovely sculptures. Here is a bit about the Bay Parklands by NSW Gov

Taronga Zoo and Centennial Park

14th posting of photographs of Sydney August, 201

It was a treat to visit the Taronga Zoo in Sydney again with my sister and nephew. The animals and the birds are stunning, as is the scenery. The zoo overlooks the harbor, so the giraffes have the Sydney Bridge behind them. The bird show is amazing. It was charming to see the gorilla with her baby. One gorilla took an interest in the Australian Wood Duck. Unfortunately, I dropped my 80-400 Nikon lens off the picnic table but it didn’t break, only the hood threads ripped off. I had it fixed under warranty on my return to NYC.

We also went to Centennial Park a couple of times. The wetland area is my favorite part. The gate to the tiny bird less bird sanctuary is a lovely work of art. However, I think it is too small to harbor any birds, and I did not see any in it.

Sydney Trees and Rocks

13th posting of photographs of Sydney August, 2015

Rocks thrill me and I love trees. I studied geology and worked as an environmental educator so when I travel I always pay attention to the inorganic as well as organic features in the environment. Here are some of the sandstone formations, eucalyptus trees, and fig trees of Sydney, Australia.

Sydney Wrought Iron

12th posting of photographs of Sydney taken in August, 2015

It has been a while since my last post. I’d been meaning to play with the photos of Sydney’s wrought iron railings and create a couple of collages with them. I used 36 photographs in all and then did some fancy processing in Photoshop in the two collages, Sydney Houses Wrought Iron and Sydney Wrought Iron. I meant to do this weeks ago but….

I decided to try Windows 10 on my main computer, a gamer, after having had success with upgrading my laptop from Windows 7 to 10. I replacing the Video card to run a new NEC monitor, flashed my Bios, wiped my hard drive and installed Windows 10. 10 didn’t sit nicely on windows 7. So half a dozen calls to Microsoft later I did a clean install which meant I spent all week installing hardware and applications.

House with Wrought Iron, August 12, 2015
House with Wrought Iron, August 12, 2015
House with Wrought Iron, August 14, 2015
House with Wrought Iron, August 14, 2015
Wrought iron Gate in to Bird Sanctuary in Centennial Park, August 2, 2015
Wrought iron Gate in to Bird Sanctuary in Centennial Park, August 2, 2015
Sydney Houses with Wrought Iron Balconies
Sydney Houses with Wrought Iron Balconies
Sydney Wrought Iron Balconies
Sydney Wrought Iron Balconies

Sydney Flora Squares

11th posting of photographs of Sydney August, 2015.

This selection of flowers from Sydney are all 1×1. I did my best to name a few.

Bansia by Sherrry Felix
Bansia by Sherrry Felix

Sydney Flora

10th posting of photographs of Sydney August, 2015

A selection of flowers from Sydney. Wish I knew the names of all of them. I selected the ones I feel have something special.

Sydney Water Birds

9th posting of photographs of Sydney August, 2015

The captions give the names and locations of these Australian bird photographs created August 2 to August 19, 2015.

Sydney Bays

7th posting of photographs of Sydney August, 2015

Of course, the Sydney Opera house can’t be missed. The next few photos were taken at places we stayed at. We paid a visit to Bronte Beach, The Royal National Park, and Manly where we stayed at Warren and Heather’s. I selected what I think represents the highlights.

The many bays, waterways, and beaches in Sydney are all beautiful. The beaches are not crowded. Admittedly, I was there in winter, but winter is Sydney is like summer. We saw Rushcutters Bay, Double Bay, (stayed at these two locations), Elizabeth Bay, Middle Harbor, Farm Cove, Blackwattle Bay, Sydney Harbor, Bronte, Bondi Beach, Darling Point, Fisher Bay, Sandy Bay, Pearl Bay, Hunters Bay, Manly Cove, and more.

While walking along Balmoral Beach, Hunters Bay a sad note was a memorial plaque on a bench about a little girl. I am grateful to Warren (my second cousin) for showing us many of the best places to see in Sydney.

Queen Victoria Building

6th installment of Sydney, August 11, 2015

The Queen Victoria Building is an imposing edifice in Sydney. At one time it was a produce market which is why the floors are slanted to allow for washing. It was empty for a long time and the council had no funds to do anything with it. A Malaysian company invested in it and restored it for use as a shopping Mall. It is filled with lots of high end shops and has lovely places to eat. I thoroughly enjoyed window shopping. We stopped and ate a fancy baked potato and coffee while sitting at the balcony overlooking the shoppers on the other floors. One of the main features is its magnificent clock. Outside is a stature of Queen Victoria and a rather kitsch fountain that has a talking dog asking for money for charity.

Sydney Fish Markets

5th posting of photographs of Sydney August 15, 2015.

An outing to the Sydney Fish Markets in Blackwattle Bay is lots of fun. The Pelicans are very tame and well fed. The market is always teaming with people and birds. There are many fish vendors inside the market building and people go there to eat or buy fish to eat later. I prefer sitting outside is best.

On the way home we walked past the Sydney Maritime Museum and crossed Pyrmont Bridge, Darling Harbor.