Diamond Beach

After Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon on July 14 we went for a very short visit to to Diamond Beach across the road late in the afternoon. By then a thick fog was rolling in.


July 15 will take 4 days to cover. We drove south to Vik. The Hotel Katla was just past Vik. The wind was almost gale force and it was raining hard when we arrived at the hotel.

The first picture isn’t a painting it was the view from our room. The wooden plaque hangs in many restaurants in Iceland. The lamb is so tender and sweet. We ate it often while there (See Waterfalls – Sherry Felix – port4u for information about sheep).

After breakfast we went back to black sands beach. It was a treat to see a Black-tailed Godwit – a life bird from the car on the way.

The pretty lupins are found everywhere they should not be. The Nootka lupine was imported from North America in 1945 to combat topsoil loss, which had been a serious problem since the 19th century. The lupine has a tendency to create monocultures which prevents other plants from growing and suffocates more delicate flora. Beauty or Beast? Iceland Quarrels Over an Invasive Plant – The New York Times (nytimes.com).

After the Ice Cave we set off for the boat trip in a Glacier Lagoon. I took pictures along the way (second set of images) as we drove by Katla Geopark (check the Katla link to see all the things there are to see by in Iceland’s largest glaciated area). Also see this brochure about Katla.

Tomorrow I’ll cover the Katla Ice Cave trip that started from Vik.

Cape May NWR

An early morning visit to Cape May NWR. One of several places that we went to on that day. We were almost alone there. It was windy and cool.