Jersey Shore

After dinner I wanted to see the waves at Beach Haven Heights, Long Beach Township, New Jersey by the Edwin B Forsyth NWR. The sun was setting as we crossed Dorland J Henderson Memorial Bridge. The last photograph was made at a rest stop on the way home. 8 of 8 posts.

10 thoughts on “Jersey Shore

  1. shoreacres 2023-05-07 / 6:51 am

    My favorites are the first and fourth photos, because of the water’s color. You not only have ‘better’ waves than we do, for a variety of reasons, the color is so appealing. It helps when you don’t have multiple silt-filled rivers emptying in to your ocean!


    • Sherry Felix 2023-05-07 / 6:55 am

      Thank you. It helps that the oceans here are less polluted than they used to be. Signs of this are we now have seals dolphins and whales in the harbor.

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