NYBG Lilies

Lotuses and Lilies

4 of 6 of the New York Botanical Gardens. I like the sculptural form of the lily seed pods. Each one is slightly different. I replaced most of the backgrounds and enhanced my photographs in Photoshop.

I just learned the difference between a lotus and a lily:

  • Lotuses belong to the family Nelumbonaceae. The leaves and flowers of a lotus rise above the water’s surface. 
  • Water lilies belong to the family Nymphaeaceae. The leaves and flowers of a water lily float on the water surface. The leaves of  a tropical water lily float on the water surface, but its flowers are about 6-8 inches above the water surface. 

12 thoughts on “NYBG Lilies

  1. Barbara Bryan 2021-09-05 / 5:09 pm

    Beautiful and wonderfully diverse!

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  2. shoreacres 2021-09-05 / 7:33 am

    I wouldn’t have known this had I not encountered lotuses in the wild for the first time last year — water lilies belong to the Nymphaeaceae family, while the lotus belongs to the Nelumbonaceae family. The cone-like seedheads of the lotus really appeal to me. I’ve never seen any lotus except our native, which is yellow. I wasn’t aware that cultivated varieties also exist; there are some real beauties here.

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    • Sherry Felix 2021-09-05 / 11:50 am

      Thanks for pointing out the difference between a lotus and a lily. I love learning new things. I’ll fix my labels.

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      • shoreacres 2021-09-05 / 11:51 am

        There’s so much I don’t know, it’s always fun to find something I am familiar with!

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    • Sherry Felix 2021-09-05 / 7:28 am

      Thank you. I did it well if you can’t tell they are not shots. They are digital or photographic art because the backgrounds and coloring was done in Photoshop. I’ll add that information. 🙂

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      • Bon Repos Gites 2021-09-05 / 7:31 am

        Haha and they used to say that the camera never lies 😉 But no, I could not tell. I thought the water an unusual colour but put it down to a trick of the light! Really well created!!!

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  3. picpholio 2021-09-05 / 4:26 am

    Very artistic shots Sherry.
    Have a lovely sunday.


    • Sherry Felix 2021-09-05 / 5:08 am

      Thank you. We went to the park yesterday. Today it is rest day.


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