Judson Doors

The Judson Memorial Church at 239 Thompson Street on the south side of Washington Square Park, New York City was designed by Stanford White of McKim, Mead and White 1892. It is a composite of Byzantine, Lombardo-Romanesque or Renaissance Italianate. The building materials are terracotta and brick. The stained glass by John La Farge are amazing.

In 1890 the preacher Edward Judson initiated construction of Judson Church as a memorial to his father Adoniram Judson, the first American Protestant foreign missionary. It was backed by John D. Rockefeller and other prominent Northern Baptists. Judson Memorial Church’s location was intended to unite the immigrants of the tenements to the south of the square with the wealthy upper classes. However, the established rich were not keen on rubbing shoulders with the immigrant poor and attendance declined.

From the 1950’s on the forward thinking ministers of the church helped foster the arts and racial and gay rights. One event I found interesting was Lenny Bruce’s memorial service on August 12, 1966.  It was attended by Allen Garfield, The Fugs, Paul Krassner, C Sharp, Alan Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, to name a few. Lenny Bruce was famous for his comedy which integrated satire, politics, religion, sex, and vulgarity. He was convicted in 1964 of obscenity and posthumously pardoned.

Created for Norm’s Thursday Doors March 30, 2017

Judson Memorial Church 3/25/2017
Judson Memorial Church 3/25/2017Enter a caption
Judson Memorial Church 3/25/2017
Judson Memorial Church 3/25/2017
Judson Memorial Church 3/25/2017
Judson Memorial Church 3/25/2017
Judson Memorial Church 3/25/2017
Judson Memorial Church 3/25/2017

Natural Side of the City Book

I created a book of some of my photography. How images interact with each other in this book is as important as each picture on its own. Created as part of the B&H Portfolio Development (@BHEventSpace #BHPortDev).

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Woodcock Fall

A Group of Woodcocks (aka Timberdoodle) is called a Fall. New York City just experienced a massive fallout of a huge Fall of Woodcocks after the snow storm. The last couple of days were great days for birders. I saw more Woodcock yesterday in Central Park than I have ever seen in my entire life, 11 of perhaps hundreds. I also saw a Wilson’s Snipe. It isn’t so good for the Woodcocks. The poor Woodcocks were not expecting a snow storm to get in the way of their migration: Many have died hitting buildings; hawks and falcons are dining on them; and cold is also a problem. They have been seen huddled together, probably to stay warm. Normally I rarely see any because they are so well camouflaged. They sure stand out against the snow. In Central Park they are hanging out by streams looking for food. I hope they survive and continue north to breed soon.

If you find an injured Woodcock put it in a paper bag and get it to a bird rehabilitator, like the Wild Bird Fund in NYC. See what to do with an injured bird. Their beaks are delicate and they need to be in something soft like a bag. More about Woodcocks at Cornell.

An Early Bird Gets Caught in the Snowstorm, New York Times March 17, 2017

Also see American Woodcock Event in Central Park March 15 – 17, 2017 by Anders Peltomaa. I created and maintain the Linnaean Society of NY’s website.

American Woodcock, Central Park 7/16/2017
American Woodcock, Central Park 7/16/2017

Woodcock in a stream in Central Park

Against snow

The Wilson’s Snipe