Schloss Lubbenau

The manor or castle at Schloss (Castle) Lubbenau is now a fancy hotel and restaurant. We spent an afternoon on our own and ate lunch there on October 14th.

“Surrounded by rivers, the nine-hectare Laridschaftgarten encloses the entire historic castle ensemble on natural pasture. The park is one of the early designs of English garden art in Lower Lusatia.”

Lubbenau 2

Lubbbenau is close to Lubben so we wen there a few times. Anytime we sat somewhere Oscar, our grandson, was on a device.


Lots sof charmign houses and waterways in Lubbenau, Germany.

Lübbenau – Wikipedia

Lübbenau is a town in the Upper Spree Forest-Lusatia District of Brandenburg, Germany. It is located in the bilingual German/Sorbian region of (Lower) Lusatia, on the river Spree, where this forms a large inland delta surrounded by woodland, called “Spree Forest”, about 82 km (51 mi) southeast of Berlin. The town is best known through the incorporated villages of Lehde/Lědy and Leipe/Lipje, villages where there just exist anabranches of the Spree River instead of streets.