CP Snow Details

Odd things attract me. Here are a few that I captured during the January 8th 2022 photowalk with Sierra Photo NYC.

CP Snowy Landscapes

I photographed these landscapes during the Sierra Photo NYC walk on January 8th 2022. I added skies to the last four to enhance the scenes.

CP Winter Birds

On Saturday January 8th 2022 I joined up with the Sierra Photo NYC group for an afternoon photo shoot. We covered The Lake and part of the Ramble. The highlight for me was a very tame Wood Duck (Aix sponsa) who came so close I had to back off to photograph him. House Finches were at the feeders in the Ramble. Two more posts on this day to follow.

Central Park 3 of 3

Landscapes from the SPNY photoshoot.

Central Park 2 of 3

Part two. Birds form the SPNYC photoshoot.

Central Park 1 of 3

I’m a member of Sierra Photo NYC – New York City Sierra Club Photography Committee. We went to Central Park for a photoshoot on November 4th 2021. I made a lot of photographs. It was hard to choose what to post so I’ll show half of them over the next several posts.

Central Park

Not a very birdy day but still good because I got to see some of my freinds during the Linnaean NY field trip.

Central Park Peak Migration

Tuesday was a tremendous day for Fall warblers, thrushes and other migrants. I went with the Linnaean NY group then later left them and sat by some jewelweed and watched a hummer feed. The first three have replaced backgrounds.