Magnolia – Painter version

I took my photo of a magnolia and did some drawing on it in Corel Painter then brought it back into Photoshop β€” creating photographic art out of it.

Magnolia painted, Central Park March 24, 2016
Magnolia painted, Central Park March 24, 2016
Magnolia, Central Park March 24, 2016
Magnolia, Central Park March 24, 2016

9 thoughts on “Magnolia – Painter version

  1. debiriley 2016-03-31 / 4:44 am

    Sherry, I’ve only started looking so far, but my mouth is open! oh my gosh, your flowers are Exquisite.
    and with these Magnolias, I’m trying to decide the top one or the bottom, and I’m leaning to the lower – as it has a hint more light filtering through to better illuminate the scene, I think.
    I’ll go and see the rest of your gorgeous art now!! cheers, Debi

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  2. Anne Sandler 2016-03-27 / 10:44 am

    Sherry, this is great. I didn’t know Corel was still around. You are very talented!


  3. Barbara Bryan 2016-03-27 / 9:16 am

    To my not so artistic eye, the photo version gives more pleasure…


    • Sherry Lynn Felix 2016-03-27 / 12:24 pm

      Thanks for the opinion. One has a softer look the other is darker and dramatic.


  4. Sabiscuit 2016-03-27 / 8:51 am

    They are both fantastic. I appreciate the painted version because of the extra effort you put into it. However, I think that they complement each other and should exist as twins.


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