Sam’s Point 1 of 2

I went on a trip to Sam’s Point area in Minnewaska State Park, Cragsmoor, New York in the Shawangunk Mountains with a small group of Sierra Photo NYC members on October 10, 2019.

The weather was delightful and I enjoyed the trip very much. The Ice Caves are spectacular, but the trail is full of stairs and ladders up and downs and requires a lot of exertion.

The light entering into the crevices of the sedimentary conglomerate rocks makes some dramatic photographs.

12 thoughts on “Sam’s Point 1 of 2

  1. bushboy 2019-10-23 / 6:50 am

    Interesting place. Thanks for taking me with you Sherry 🙂


  2. mvschulze 2019-10-13 / 11:51 am

    A few years ago, (like 54!!!,) I first explored these ice caves (10/23/65) and then again (7/25/66.) It was well before commercialization, althought rudimentry hand painted signs would lead the way. My faorite recollection was the natural air conditioning. In fact on the summer visit, it still was too cold to be without a jacket deep down. YOUR PICS ARE WONDERFUL. Thanks for the memory!!!! M 🙂


    • Sherry Felix 2019-10-13 / 6:47 am

      Thanks Derrick. It was worth the long hike and exertion, which I am not used to yet.

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  3. Sue 2019-10-13 / 4:26 am

    Quite an atmospheric place….


  4. Eunice 2019-10-13 / 4:12 am

    All great shots but I love the last two 🙂


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