Central Park Birds late April

Migration has been slow to start and the birds are few. We had a few specials. The Mourning Warbler, White-throated Sparrows and Blue Jay are locals. One somewhat controversial one was a Prothontary Warbler which was released by released in Central Park April 27, 2015 around 3:45 pm by the great staff of the Wild Bird Fund, in the vicinity of Tanner Spring. Reported by David Speiser. The argument is can it be counted as a wild bird. I thing, yes, as long as it recovers, feeds and continues its migration. I looks like it is feeding alright.

New York Botanicals late April

Some of these are native and some are from the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. I had a spectacular day botanizing with a friend who likes to do the same thing. The weather was more than perfect. It took the rest of the day to id everything and get it into the information into metadata. Hope I managed to ID them correctly.

April Birds in New York City

An assortment of birds that are both here all year and just arrived this Spring. Central Park is looking good now, birders are out and so are the flowers. I took the last two photos near 30th Street along the Hudson River.

LandCow Head in a Box

There are some very large carved parts of old buildings housed in old wooden crates on the bank of the Hudson near 34th Street, Manhattan, NY. This is a 5 foot high head of a cow that is peering out of a broken crate. Reminds me of animal parts in a abattoir.

Cow Head, Hudson NYC April 13, 2015
Cow Head, Hudson NYC April 13, 2015