19 thoughts on “Doors at Sandy Hook

  1. Prior... 2021-10-11 / 10:29 am

    Hi Sherri – this is truly not something we see everyday – and wonder how the tests went back in the day!
    Such a strong door too

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  2. sustainabilitea 2021-10-07 / 9:08 pm

    Sorry for your German frustrations, Sherry. I like that first shot especially.



  3. Emille 2021-10-07 / 12:17 pm

    Blue doors always catch my attention. Saw your comment on Thurs. Doors. As an adult, we once took a sleeping compartment on a train,… sleep? The engine made too much noise for me to sleep. Have a great weekend:) Emille (Jesh)


    • Sherry Felix 2021-10-07 / 12:47 pm

      I love the sound of the engine and the wheels on the tracks. Train sounds lull me to sleep. There are recordings of those sounds for sleep and meditation. Sorry it didn’t work for you.


      • Emille 2021-10-26 / 4:15 am

        Sorryry, somehow I overlooked your comment about the sounds of the train – I need sheer silence to fall asleep.

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  4. Dan Antion 2021-10-07 / 10:07 am

    Interesting door. I love the composition in the lower photo. That’s quite lovely.


    • Sherry Felix 2021-10-07 / 10:22 am

      Thanks Dan. We are off to see my son and family. I’ll bring back some German doors.

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        • Sherry Felix 2021-10-07 / 8:44 pm

          Safe, yes. Easy, no. Germans have lousy websites. They don’t like the internet. Germany, at the forefront of industrial innovation for decades, is struggling to adapt to the digital age. Creaking broadband, government bureaucracy, and resistance to change are some just of the reasons they are behind. It took me 8 hours to do the paperwork required and to upload covid related documents. There is a lot of errors on their sites. A statement in a form for permission to enter that said I could end my quarantine after testing. This implies that I am in quarantine to begin with. That phrase led me to think the trip was off. My son said they use Google translate. I don’t want to do any more travel after this until the pandemic is over.

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  5. Anne Lazarus 2021-10-07 / 7:02 am

    Brings back memories of Sandy Hook


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