Iceland Video Shorts

Marc took a few videos while we were in Iceland. I published them on my YouTube channel today. I’ll add these to the appropriate posts as well.

Geysir, Iceland by Marc Felix 7/14/2021
Gulfoss, Iceland by Marc Felix 7/14/2021
Seljalandsfoss, Iceland by Marc Felix 7/14/2021
Hofsstadir, Iceland by Marc Felix 7/18/2021
Barnafossar, Iceland by Marc Felix 7/19/2021
Hraunfossar, Iceland by Marc Felix 7/19/2021

My mother Noel

In honor of my mother Noel Estelle James (married name Davies) — December 20, 1919 Perth, Australia – October 10, 2018 Sydney, Australia.

Noel loved people and loved to laugh. She led a colorful life, the details of which would make a terrific script for a movie. I plan to write down what I can remember. I was unable to attend my mother funeral which was in Sydney, Australia on October 18th. My relative, Warren, said that it was a lovely service and people laughed at parts and my brother in-in-law Grant read several eulogies, including my son’s and husband’s, and showed a slide show of photographs. I heard they were unable to play my eulogy (slide show). So, I’ll share it with you all instead. Coincidentally, it’s my birthday today—I’ll have it tomorrow instead.


A Spin on a Hibiscus

I captured the Hibiscus photograph at Governors Island on July 22. Four of us rented a Surrey there and pedaled around the flat parts of the island. It was delightfully cool and breezy. I had little time for photography.

Three versions of a Hibiscus I created in Photoshop CC 2018. Warning, it’s a little startling!

  1. Still
  2. Animated GIF
  3. Video with sound