Molokini Crater

I booked us an early mourning snorkel dive at Molokini Crater led by Maui Adventure Sunrise Snorkel | Hawaii Holidays in Wailea, HI ( We used my new Olympus Tough underwater. I missed taking pictures the crater because I couldn’t get the camera out of the holster underwater. The numbers of colorful fish were amazing. The water was delightfully warm. I swam in my shorts because of the lost bathing suit.

On the next dive at Turtle Town I let Marc take the camera. I didn’t go in the water for that swim because the first one tired me out. Marc dropped the camera because the strap was loose. Subsequently, I purchased a floating wrist strap at B&H. Fortunately, the camera landed right next to the boat on sand and a staff member was able to retrieve it for us. All the pictures of the turtles are by Marc.

They kept stuffing us full of drinks and food and the staff was very entertaining and knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Marc was surprised at how easy snorkeling was.

After the dive we went to the parking lot and while putting things in the trunk I said, “Are you ready?” and Marc said “yes” so I shut the trunk. Unfortunately, the car key was inside the trunk. 4 hours later Hertz sent someone to unlock the car.

I also took some pictures while at Maluaka Beach where the boat leaves from and in the parking lot.

9 thoughts on “Molokini Crater

  1. Brad M 2023-03-31 / 10:33 am

    Very nice! I always enjoy finding green sea turtles when we are in the water.


      • Brad M 2023-03-31 / 11:53 am

        That means you need a repeat trip. I think every time we have been in the water in Hawaii, we’ve seen at least one green sea turtle. On our last trip one swam right at Jan, then under her. She captured photos and video of the encounter.


        • Sherry Felix 2023-04-01 / 2:45 pm

          Not unless I win the lottery. I can’t afford to go there again. My memories will last. Love to see Jan’s pics.

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  2. shoreacres 2022-12-22 / 8:12 pm

    The last photo, and the fourth from the bottom, are my favorites, photographically speaking. Of course, who doesn’t love the little fishies, and the turtles? I did my first snorkeling at the grotto used in the James Bond film Thunderball. I’m too claustrophobic to dive, but there’s plenty to see while snorkeling.


  3. Dan Antion 2022-12-22 / 9:14 am

    This is such a nice collection of photos. Good team effort, despite a few glitches.


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