Old Pier 1 Pilings

The last stop of the OPTIC trip to Brooklyn Bridge Park was at the pilings of Old Pier 1 with a view of Manhattan at sunset led by National Parks at Night.

8 thoughts on “Old Pier 1 Pilings

  1. Emille 2022-06-23 / 4:59 pm

    The pilings are a beautiful addition to the skyline – and the lighting is exquisite – so beautiful Sherry!
    Have a lovely weekend, Emille (Jesh)


    • Sherry Felix 2022-06-27 / 6:19 am

      Thanks. We had a busy weekend. Went to a picnic with the Littoral Society at Sandy Hook.


  2. Sue 2022-06-23 / 11:04 am

    Aren’t they just so photogenic!


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