High Line Early Spring

A few signs of spring have appeared on the High Line. Cherries just starting; and Crocci and Witch Hazel are in full swing. It was amusing to watch the Mockingbirds hopping around a foot away from all the people walking by. A lady waved her cane at them and they didn’t even blink.

12 thoughts on “High Line Early Spring

  1. Denzil 2018-03-09 / 1:49 am

    Over here there’s a botanical garden that has an annual witch hazel festival with 40 or 50 types. Lovely pics as always Sherry


  2. Indah Susanti 2018-03-07 / 7:56 am

    So pretty and colorful! Wonderful pictures, Sherry! I wish there is a sign of spring here.. 😦 unfortunately we just get few more snow yesterday 😦


  3. Hassan Sadaghiani 2018-03-04 / 4:35 pm

    Lovely! With all the snow we had up here, which still has the ground covered (in spite of 43 degree temperatures!) God knows when we will start to see buds on the trees and plants! We still have state roads closed and communities without power. We lost it for about 2 hours Thursday night, but then it was just a heavy, wet snow all day Friday. Love to Marc, and you, Cathy


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