New Paltz

After viewing a house in Kerhonkson, NY we drove to New Paltz. There is a 10-acre National Historic Landmark District in New Paltz, Ulster County, with over 300 years of history. More about that will be in my post on Thursday. At the bottom is a painting of what it looked like in 1685.

7 thoughts on “New Paltz

  1. Eunice 2020-11-04 / 6:22 pm

    I like the house, it looks quite ‘English country manor’ in style, and I love the colour of the red maple 🙂


    • Sherry Felix 2020-11-05 / 2:40 am

      Thanks Eunice. The house was a stone one with Victorian style additions.


  2. Jet Eliot 2020-11-04 / 12:06 pm

    I enjoyed this adventure to New Paltz, Sherry. Fun to see the painting depicting life in 1685. I found that red maple incredibly stunning.


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