The Jane Hotel

Completed in 1908, the American Seaman’s Friend Society Sailors’ Home and Institute was designed by William A. Boring, the architect of the Ellis Island’s immigrant station. Originally built as a hotel for sailors with cabin-like rooms, the landmarked hotel was restored on its centennial in 2008.

In 1912, the survivors of the Titanic stayed at the hotel until the end of the American Inquiry into the ship’s sinking. The surviving crew held a memorial service at the hotel four days after the ship sank.

In 1944, the YMCA took over the hotel from the Seaman’s Relief Center. And during the ’80s and ’90s the hotel hosted Hedwig and the Angry Inch and the Million Dollar Club, amongst many other rock-n-roll events. (Sourec:


7 thoughts on “The Jane Hotel

  1. William Lutz 2018-11-27 / 11:05 am

    That is beautiful! I had never heard of it. Thank you for sharing—I wonder why it is called the Jane? love, Laurie


    • Sherry Felix 2018-11-27 / 11:17 am

      It is on Jane Street a block form me. The link to their website has the address and lots of pics. Like inside the rooms.


  2. Steve Schwartzman 2018-11-27 / 7:35 am

    I see the Jane Hotel is on Jane St. close to the Whitney Museum. In 2000 when visiting Vancouver I stayed in a hotel that likewise had small rooms like cabins on a ship but I don’t remember the name of the place.

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    • Sherry Felix 2018-11-27 / 8:17 am

      Little places like that are fun and often less expensive.


      • Steve Schwartzman 2018-11-27 / 8:33 am

        That’s why we chose the hotel in Vancouver. We saved money but the room was a bit cramped.


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