Trouble in Paradise


Yesterday we talked about how magnificent and amazing Laysan Albatrosses are.  I’ve learned so many cool things about them, but I also learned that they have some big problems to face. They are not problems that are exclusive to Laysans, but effect many other ocean/shore birds and marine animals. One major issue is plastics. I’m mainly going to talk about the effect on Laysan Albatrosses since they are the seabird I’m the most knowledgeable about.

albatross-plastics-midway-atoll-jh-ibr-420px_419x318 (Image by Jay Holcomb)

Laysan Albatrosses are ingesting plastics that are floating in the ocean when they are hunting for food. One source of food is fish eggs and sometimes egg strands will attach to debris. Laysans will eat these strands and the plastic it is attached to it. According to a study by Barbara Mayer of the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Management, plastics can make up to 50% of indigestible material in a…

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9 thoughts on “Trouble in Paradise

  1. Jet Eliot 2016-02-22 / 5:26 pm

    Great post, Sherry, and thanks for birdnation’s great post too. Haunting, but true.


  2. jiminpanama 2016-02-20 / 12:09 pm

    I read a study a little bit ago and 1 group found plastic in the bellies of 90% of gulls and other ocean birds. Pretty disgusting. Is it right, so I can have 4 ounces of convenience that I produce garbage that pollutes the world for years and endangers the lives of thousands? It is estimated that in the next 11 years we will produce more plastic than has ever been made before. Terrible!

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  3. Midwestern Plant Girl 2016-02-20 / 8:17 am

    We humans sux in the garbage department. So sad. ..


    • Sherry Lynn Felix 2016-02-20 / 8:33 am

      The albatross is on my top 3 favorite birds (Common Loon and Atlantic Puffin are the other two) so I am very concerned about their fate. That is why reblogged this post. I Hope you fill out Audubon’s petition.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Midwestern Plant Girl 2016-02-20 / 10:21 pm

        I did fill out out 😉

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