Sydney City

4thinstallment of photographs of Sydney taken August 4 to August 15, 2015.

Hyde Park is in the center of Sydney. Also Hyde Park is where the bus from Rushcutters Bay stopped, so we often went there. A wide walkway lined with Hill’s Weeping Fig trees is in Hyde Park. These giant trees make you feel like you are walking through a green cathedral. At one end of Hyde Park is Archibald Fountain. We passed it on the way to the Royal Botanic Garden. Near there is St. Mary’s Cathedral.

St Mark’s, at Darling Point, is a lovely Anglican Church. Elton John was married there. I asked the vicar if it was OK for me to take pictures and we had a chat. The vicar shared with me that he also stays at Airbnbs. Small world!

One of the many old buildings in Sydney is the Shelbourne, built 1902. I like the old buildings the best. Most of them are either Edwardian or Victorian in style. Some have fancy embellishments and gargoyles. I like the old reflected in the new architecture.

There are quite a few homeless in Sydney, as in all cities, they each have a particular location. The homeless man with his dog spent his time at the shopping center. I find it fascinating that cell phones can now be owned by almost everyone.

2 thoughts on “Sydney City

  1. Indah Susanti 2015-09-14 / 10:04 am

    I am surprised to see the last image, I guess mobilephone is not a luxury item anymore..great photo series of Sydney 🙂


    • Sherry Lynn Felix 2015-09-14 / 10:31 am

      When I was in Boquete, Panama last year the farm workers who lived in huts with dirt floors had cell phones so the boss could call them.


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