OPTC Still Lifes

From June 12 to 15 I took part in B&H Photo and Video’s OPTIC 2022 Event (bhphotovideo.com). All I can say is wow! Thank you B&H and a special shout out to the organizers, like David Brommer. It is simply amazing that one can go to free events like this and learn so much and have so much fun. I bought some more gear at B&H too.

There were lectures by top photographers and teachers, Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, and Alen Shapiro to name a few. Thanks to Canon, Sony, Nikon and other sponsors we had three days of outside events. There was a competition and free prints and much more. I’ll cover the events in subsequent posts.

Still life’s provided at the show which was at the New Yorker hotel…

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