Chincoteague 1

We drove down to Chincoteague Island for a short vacation with the Littoral Society of NY led by Don Riepe and other fine naturalists. On our first day on our own we arrived late and caught a sunset after dining at Eta’s. The food was terrible and the ambiance lovely. The Refuge Inn was very nice. They own a few of the Chincoteague ponies. More to follow…

3 thoughts on “Chincoteague 1

  1. Eunice 2022-05-30 / 5:37 am

    It looks lovely in the evening sunshine although the food doesn’t sound good 😦


    • Sherry Felix 2022-05-30 / 7:39 am

      Tourists often get served bad food. They figure we won’t be back, so it doesn’t matter. It was a lovely trip. I got spoiled by the excellent restaurants in Iceland.


      • Eunice 2022-05-30 / 7:46 am

        Not a very good attitude for the restaurant management and staff to take 😦

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