Big Bird

While converting my image files I came across these two look-alikes — Big Bird and Baby Bird. Baby Bird hasn’t developed a full body yet. I never know what I’ll find in Central Park.

Big Bird

Alium bud, Central Park 6/21/2013

I am in the midst a very tedious job, converting, or exporting, all my Nikon RAW files to TIF (I already have JPG versions). I have to perform this rescue because my RAW files are randomly self-distracting (with color bands). It’s like putting out a slow burning smoldering fire that pops up randomly. I have over 148,000 images, half of them RAW files. This is a Lightroom and Nikon issue that I ‘ve been told is unfixable.

8 thoughts on “Big Bird

    • Sherry Felix 2018-08-06 / 5:28 am

      It will probably take a week to do. I am ticked off that all Nikon and Adobe can say is it is the other company’s fault that the Nikon RAW files are getting corrupted. Typical!

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  1. Too cute! 🙂
    Our two parrots love watching Sesame Street often and, of course, love Big Bird! The show really does help to educate them! It’s funny when one yells out the correct answer to a question. Like they’ll ask what comes after six… and Scarlet, while lifting her head out of her food-dish, loudly says, “seven”!

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  2. Barbara Bryan 2018-08-05 / 12:23 pm

    Very cute Little Bird! A little humor hopefully relieves the tedium.

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