High Line – Ghery

Forth in the Highline series.  This section of the High Line includes the IAC building, designed by Frank Ghery, built in 2007 [Wikipedia – about Frank Gehry  and List of works by Frank Gehry].

On the east side of High Line is a parking lot with a large billboard that has had some interesting art on it over the years.

  1. High Line – Gansevoort
  2. High Line – Chelsea Market
  3. High Line – Standard
  4. High Line – Ghery
  5. High Line – Guardian Angel School
  6. High Line – Middle
  7. High Line – Elevated
  8. High Line – Uptown
  9. High Line – Plants 1
  10. High Line – Plants 2
  11. High Line – Rails
  12. High Line – Evening


Wikipedia.org – High Line

13 thoughts on “High Line – Ghery

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl 2016-05-08 / 8:12 am

    Zebras in the snow? 😉
    I’m fascinated by these, I must see if Chicago had done any of these. I would never plan a trip to the city (I call it ‘the shitty’) for anything, but to see nature survive in it. The old Mayor Daley was pretty good in the green requirements and got many green roofs, vacant lot veggie gardens and parks implemented.


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