Horatio Lamps

Two lamps on Horatio Street, NYC from my lamp photo collection.
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Big Bird

While converting my image files I came across these two look-alikes — Big Bird and Baby Bird. Baby Bird hasn’t developed a full body yet. I never know what I’ll find in Central Park.

Big Bird

Alium bud, Central Park 6/21/2013

I am in the midst a very tedious job, converting, or exporting, all my Nikon RAW files to TIF (I already have JPG versions). I have to perform this rescue because my RAW files are randomly self-distracting (with color bands). It’s like putting out a slow burning smoldering fire that pops up randomly. I have over 148,000 images, half of them RAW files. This is a Lightroom and Nikon issue that I ‘ve been told is unfixable.

Misty Iris

I began with a boring photo of some white iris flowers. Split it into muliple Iris and added a background to create this composite image. Adjustment layers, masks and blending modes in Photoshop refined the image.

Misty Iris, 11/6/2016
Misty Iris, 11/6/2016