Afternoon at Pelham

Last Friday we went to Pelham Bay Park, Bronx, New York in the afternoon and had a 3 mile hike around Hunter Island. The views are lovely, but it was hot and buggy. After that we drove to the Lobster Shack on City Island to buy a take out. While parked off the road in a driveway a crew cab pickup truck scraped the paint off the edge of our side mirror. The list of mishaps grows long for our little VW Jetta “James”. We’ve only had it a couple of months.

A related post: Inspired by a book on the place called The Last Algonquin by Theodore Kazimiroff.

Gull in Algonquin Mist, Pelham Bay 1/28/2013

Gull in Algonquin Mist
Gull in Algonquin Mist, Pelham Bay 1/28/2013

I created this in honor of Joe Two Trees, the last Algonquin, who lived in Pelham Bay Park c. 1850. The mist represents his spirit and the Gull his wandering spirit.

Composite using 2 images in Photoshop. 1. Ring-billed Gull, World Financial Center, Battery Park [20110414_WFC_21sf orig.jpg], NIKON D3100, f-stop 9, exposure time 1/320sec., ISO 100, focal length 127mm, and max aperture 3.6. With [20121220 Pelham 35orig.jpg] Pelham Bay Park, Bronx. NIKON D7000, f-stop f/8, exposure time 1/250 sec., ISO·180, focal length 120mm, and max aperture 4.3.