Central Park

I saw more warblers than I photographed. It was a fair day for migrating birds in Central Park. The last 3 photos of the Catbird tells a story, “My Ant!” Maybe it didn’t taste good.

Central Park Plants

I managed to identify these budding trees in Central Park. The mossy rock looks like it could be a fairy kingdom.

Central Park Birds

April 29th was a good day for seeing migrating birds in Central Park. We went to the Great Hill, the Ravine and the Harlem Meer in the north end of the park. I enjoyed close up views of a busy Common Yellow-throat and the male Red-winged Blackbirds fighting over territory while the female was quietly making her nest. We ran into the famous Chris Cooper – we were both looking for the Hooded-warbler. I would have attended his talk at NYC Audubon but it was too expensive.

Central Park 2

Birds from Tuesday. The Sapsucker is very unusual.

Central Park Plants 1

Tuesday I went to the park on my own with my camera for a few hours. Part 1 of 2.