Jamaica Bay

I went to Jamaica Bay NWR in Brooklyn with two dear friends yesterday. There were quite a few winter ducks. I enjoyed the Brant and Snow Geese. A special one was the Long Tailed Duck at Sheepshead Bay. The best one for me was the Long-tailed Grackle who serenaded us. As part of its song it did a wing slap. I learned something new. It was real treat to get out and bird.

Bridges at Sunset

I have been super busy lately and it took me a long time to prepare these. The light changed as the sun set so I made a lot of pictures.

The evening at Brooklyn Bridge Park in Dumbo was very dramatic with a storm and lots of atmosphere.

I added a bolt of lightning that I saw strike the Freedom Tower to the first photograph.

Dumbo OPTIC2019

Three solid days of Optic2019 by B&H are finally over and I have time to start processing the images taken during the excursions. I woke up too late today to take in this one in for the free critique that was part of Optic2019 day four.

My fellow photographers and I boarded double decker sightseeing busses outside B&H at 6:30 pm on June 2nd. We crossed the Manhattan Bridge to alight at Brooklyn Bridge Park for photo shoots at various locations along the shore.

While taking the photos for this composite by the East River with a slow shutter speed I was doused head to foot with a wave. It tasted salty from the mixed waters of the estuary.

At about 8:30 pm we piled back on the busses. On the way home there was a huge thunder storm and we all got soaked, either from being on top of the bus or after getting off the bus.

I can’t thank B&H and everyone involved enough, especially David Brommer, for making this event so much fun. #OPTIC2109

Brooklyn Bridge Park 6/2/2019
Brooklyn Bridge Park 6/2/2019