W 9 Street Doors

I like the lamps too on these Greenwich Village doors on West 9th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue.

High Line Plants 1 of 2

There are birds there too. We saw a kestral eating a sparrow, mocking birds, song sparrows, and a common yellow-throat warbler.

Looking for the art in a plant:

A glimps of the High Line:


There is a playground/ballfield accross the street that has benches at one end. The rose bushes there are in full blom and smell lovely. The High Line has roses too.


For Memorial Day I honor my dad, Cdr. Theodore (Ted) Hechler, who was at Pearl Harbor during the bombing. His next a tour of duty was in the Pacific. He met my mother in Perth, Australia. She became the first war bride. He later flew PBY’s for the Navy in the Caribbean. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

See more about him on my site at sherryfelix.com/family/hechler-ww2…

193609 Ted at Annapolis 2
Ted at Annapolis, September 1936
194005 Ted Hechler post graduation at Annapolis 2
Ted Hechler post graduation at Annapolis, May 1945
Ensign, Theodore was on the Pheonix at Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941
Noel and Ted’s wedding in Pensecola, January 1, 1943


194907 Noel and Sherry (3)
Noel (mother) and Sherry, 1949
Cdr. Theodore Hechler, 1957


Lillie’s is on 13 East 17th Street in Chelsea, Manhattan just off the NW corner of Union Square. I love the Victorian style door and window but the food was awful. I had an inedible cucumber sandwich with thick dry bread and invisible cream cheese.

For Norm’s Thursday Doors 5/24/2018

Lilile's, 13 East 17 StreetLilile's, 13 East 17 StreetLilile's, 13 East 17 Street