Lilac Door

I love the lilac, lavendar blue gray color and patina on this door. I hope it stays this way for a while.

For Norm’s Thursday Doors 3/22/2018

148 9th Avenue, NYC 3/19/2018
148 9th Avenue, NYC 3/19/2018

Snow in Central Park

I went to the park the day after the wet snow storm.

Fort Gansevoort

In front of the door is a triangle in the road that marks the site of an old Native American “castle”, so called because there was a wall around it. The door is at 5 Ninth Avenue, NYC.

A little history: Fort Gansevoort early 19c. and before that Native Americans lived there.

For Norm’s Thursday Doors March 8, 2018

Fort Gansevoort, 5 9th Ave, NYC 3/3/2018
Fort Ganseevoort
Fort Gansevoort, 5 9th Ave, NYC 3/3/2018
5 Ninth Avenue 3/3/2018

High Line Early Spring

A few signs of spring have appeared on the High Line. Cherries just starting; and Crocci and Witch Hazel are in full swing. It was amusing to watch the Mockingbirds hopping around a foot away from all the people walking by. A lady waved her cane at them and they didn’t even blink.