Peony Play

Just playing around in Photoshop. The lines are created by converting the flower to outlines then I took that black and white “sketch” into a kalasioscope app and twirled it fo the background. A few effects later and this is the result.

1. Peony (Paeoniaceae), NYC 5/26/2016
Peony (Paeoniaceae), NYC 5/26/2016
2. Peony (Paeoniaceae), NYC 5/26/2016

Boats – June’s One Photo Focus

In David Croker’s lovely origianl didnt need much. I changed the time of day and mood first by casting a golden glow and then adding a sky with a soft lightning bolt which I refected in the  water.

Created for Stacy Fisher’s June 3 One Photo Focus

Boats donated for June 1PF – original by David Croker
June 1PF edited by Sherry Felix
Boats For June 1PF edited by Sherry Felix
PS Layers used