Boat for One Photo Focus January

Laura Macky’s photo is lovely as is. For this challenge I wanted to enhance the mood created by the old boat and bring that into the background. Here’s Photoshop recipe:

  1. Original image with some slight adjustment in Lightroom
  2. Curve adjustment layer: negative RGB, opacity 30%
  3. Grunge layer applied in on1 to a copy of original, blend mode: difference
  4. My cloud image. Blende mode: Hard Light, opacity 70%
  5. B&W adjustment layer default, opacity 70%
  6. Copy of original layer masked to show the boat, opacity 80%
  7. Smoke brushed, blend mode: Soft Light, opacity 89%

My version has an old postcard look and is also somewhat ominous.

Link to One Photo Focus

Soho Door

St Michael’s is an old Russian Catholic chapel on Mulberry Street in Soho not far from the Lower East Side where we used to live back in the early ‘60s. The area has changed so much. It used to be a place where poor immigrants lived. A good way to find out about it is to visit the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. We had an apartment on Attorney Street for $24 a month that had direct current, and the tub in the kitchen with a meter for the hot water. Lots of memories….

The door is for Thursday’s Doors on Norm 2.0

Painted Bunting in Prospect Park

On December 4 and 5, 2015 I went to Prospect Park to see the vagrant Painted Bunting – a life bird. A painted bunting looks like something from a coloring book. There were at least 50 birders at a time surrounding the little bird, who didn’t care a fig about the people. It was very hard to photograph because of all the birders. I couldn’t get a good view and when I did someone invariably jostled me. I tried for two days and managed to get a few semi-usable shots on the second day. Three of the photos shown here are composites of two photographs created at the same location; “Painted Bunting in the Grasses” is a straight photo (not a composite). I know the Blue Jay isn’t a bunting; it’s my creative choice to include it in this series.

Environmental note: habitat restoration and management is crucial to our local birds not just to vagrants. There a lots of feral cats wandering the parks in NYC. Vagrant birds are not a good thing if global warming is the cause.

See  The Famous Painted Bunting by Sherry Felix on The Linnaean Society of NY’s site. I am their webmistress and a council member.